Nightus® Tablet contains Bromazepam BP 3 mg. It is an anxiolytic with smooth and superior efficacy. Unlike benzodizepines it has least side effects. Bromazepam reaches peak plasma concentrations within two hours after oral administration. Bromazepam is metabolized in the liver. It effectively removes anxiety and related various physiological problems. Nightus® is indicated for emotional disturbances such as anxiety and tension states, functional disturbances of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, functional disturbances of gastrointestinal tract, other psychosomatic disturbance such as psychogenic headache.

  • Provides outstanding efficacy in anxiety and anxiety related disorders
  • Reduces blood pressure in mild hypertensive patients
  • Lowers plasma level of free fatty acid
  • Potentiates the effects of Ranitidine in duodenal ulcer
  • More effective, better tolerance and fewer side effects than Lorazepam
  • Better patients' preference in anxiety neurosis than Diazepam
  • Comparable to Amitriptyline in anxiety-depressive neurosis

Nightus Prescribing Information