Neofloxin IV

Ciprofloxacin IV Infusion

Neofloxin® IV is a clear, almost colorless to pale yellow sterile solution containing ciprofloxacin 2mg/ml in 100 ml bottle. Ciprofloxacin is a synthetic 4-quinolone derivative with bactericidal activity against a wide range of gram-negative and gram-positve organisms. Neofloxin® IV is indicated in abdominal, colorectal, orthopaedic, neuro, cardio-thoracic, gynaecological surgery. It is also effective in life-threatening infections like typhoid, pneumonia, meningitis, RTIS, GITIS, UTIS, bone and joint infections, gonorrhoea, skin and soft tissue infections.

  • Very fast and immediate onset of action
  • Reduces the risk of morbidity or mortality of ill patients
  • Reduces hospital staying and treatment cost
  • Ensures outstanding product Quality, Safety and Reliability

Neofloxin IV Prescribing Information

Located in: Intravenous Fluids