Magnesium Hydroxide and Liquid Paraffin
Oral Emulsion

Frelax® Oral Emulsion is a combination of Magnesium Hydroxide and Liquid Paraffin which is recommended for the temporary relief of constipation. Magnesium Hydroxide retains water in the stomach lumen due to increased osmotic pressure. Liquid Paraffin acts as a mild laxative by softening stools thus easing defecation. Each amber colored glass bottle contains 100 ml of Frelax® Oral Emulsion. Each 5 ml contains Magnesium Hydroxide BP 300 mg and Liquid Paraffin BP 1.25 ml.

...relaxed morning everyday

  • Relieves constipation and irregularity overnight
  • Offers the power of lubrication with liquid paraffin
  • Works with body’s natural process against constipation
  • Once daily dose offers compliance to therapy

Frelax ® Prescribing Information

Located in: Gastrointestinal