Flurium® is the preparation of Flunarizine Hydrochloride, which is the difluorinated derivative of Cinnarizine. Flunarizine, a selective calcium channel blocker prvents cellular calcium overload by reducing excessive transmembrane influxes of calcium without interfering with the normal cellular calcium homeostatis. It has also antihistaminic and sedative properties. Flurium® is indicated in vertigo, motion sickness, migraine, peripheral vascular diseases, alternative hemiplegia of childhood.

Reduces whole blood viscosity

  • Reduces the ischemic stress of peripheral Vascular Disease
  • Reduces the pain of varicose veins, leg heaviness, night cramps and ankle swelling
  • Relieves the distress of vomiting and chronic migraine
  • Reduces severity of vertigo and motion sickness

Flurium Prescribing Information