Candoral oral gel

Miconazole 2% w/w

Candoral® oral gel is the preparation of Miconazole. It is a synthetic imidazole anti-fungal agent with a broad spectrum of activity against pathogenic fungi (including yeast and dermatophytes) and gram-positive bacteria (Staphylococcus and Streptococcus spp). Its activity is based on the inhibition of the ergosterol (principle component of fungi cell membrane) biosynthesis in fungi and the change in the composition of the lipid components in the membrane, resulting in fungal cell necrosis. Candoral® oral gel is a preparation of indicated to treat and prevent oral candidiasis in babies and in other age groups, nipple & breast candidiasis of lactating mother and super infections due to Gram-positive bacteria. It is also indicated in prophylactic management of patients at high risk from opportunistic fungal infections.

  • Assures better relief from oral candidiasis
  • Ensures complete cure from oral candidiasis
  • Provides maximum assurance to treat oral candidiasis

Candoral oral gel Prescribing Information

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