Metered Dose Inhaler & Dry Powder Inhaler

Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI)

Beximco Pharma was one of first few in the world who proactively converted its CFC based inhaler facility to produce eco-friendly HFA based inhaler products. The Company is currently the largest producer of MDIs in Bangladesh and it also produces inhaler product for a global MNC under a contract manufacturing agreement. The MDI units have been designed with the technical collaboration from Pamasol, Switzerland which now have the capacity to produce around 20 million canisters per year.
The Company offers wide range of products for treating asthma, COPD, allergy, and other respiratory disorders. Beximco Pharma’s MDI facility is the only such facility in Bangladesh which is certified by the regulatory authorities of Australia and Europe.
Beximco Pharma’s HFA based Salbutamol inhaler is the only such formulation from South Asia which has been approved by the Singapore Health Sciences Authority.

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Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI)

Dry powder inhaler is a device that delivers medication to the lungs in the form of a dry powder minimizing the amount of drug wastage. DPIs do not require the timing and coordination that are necessary with metered-dose inhaler and they do not contain any propellants.
Beximco Pharma offers dry powder inhaler in innovative patient-friendly and DPI-friendly packaging. Instead of bottle pack we provide alu-alu blister pack which protects the drugs from moisture.
HPMC capsule shell ensures maximum protection against moisture and our unique and simple Bexihaler device, imported from Europe, consisting of 8 pins, ensures optimum dose delivery. Currently the facility has the capacity to produce 36 million units of DPI every year.

Product Range