GDR Information

Number of AIM securities in issue : 100,037,989 GDRs
Percentage free float : 100%
Percentage of shares not held in public hands : 0
Number of shares held in treasury : 0
Percentage of shares held in treasury : 0

The identity and percentage holding of significant shareholders (i.e., holder of 3% or more AIM Securities in issue) are as follows:-

Significant Shareholders No. of GDRs held* Percentage of GDRs
Griffiths R I Esq 26.20 m 26.19%
US Bank National Association 9.69 m 9.69%
Lynchwood Nominees Limited 7.83 m 7.83%
The Bank Of New York (Nominees) Limited 4.21 m 4.21%
Nortrust Nominees Limited 3.75 m 3.75%
Vidacos Nominees Limited 3.04 m 3.04%

*Significant shareholders' data are as of 26th January, 2021

These however do not include information relating to AIM Securities cleared through Euroclear that does not disclose holding because of secrecy under the Belgian Law; and also AIM Securities held in certificated form (i.e., GDRs physically in the possession of the GDRs holders, not enabling us to furnish the name, address and number of GDRs held by such holders).