Contract Manufacturing Opportunities

Rising cost of healthcare and medicines has become a global concern, and in order to reduce cost across the value chain, pharmaceutical companies from developed markets continue to look for suitable partners in developing countries for shifting or outsourcing their production. With decades of experience in generic drug manufacturing, world class capabilities as well as significant cost advantages, Beximco Pharma can be an ideal partner for you to meet your contract manufacturing needs. Since its inception, Beximco Pharma has established itself as a reliable partner for a number of world's leading pharmaceutical companies. The company has maintained a track record of sound professionalism and its management has always adhered to international standards providing a culture and working environment similar to that of a multinational company. Currently the company has contract manufacturing agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for producing Metered Dose Inhaler product. These partnerships have provided BPL much valuable expertise and know-how to manufacture world-class products.

The company offers significant cost advantage as a manufacturer, as the average wage in Bangladesh is probably the lowest in the world, and at least two to three times lower than that in China or India. Prospective partners can benefit themselves with competitive advantages like availability of highly skilled manpower at a very low cost, low energy cost, Govt. policy support, investor friendly environment etc.