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Q1. Which one is the first Bangladeshi pharma company to receive U.S. FDA approval & only company to commence medicine export to USA?

Q2. 80% of healthy populations of South Asia are Vitamin-D deficient. For these patients, Beximco Pharma has the D-lightful health solution “Cholecalciferol” as 40 ¸000 IU capsule¸ 20¸000 IU capsule & 2¸000 IU tablet. Which one is the brand name of these preparations?

Q3. Frenxit is the #1 psycholeptic antidepressant brand in Bangladesh. It‚s frequently prescribed to treat mixed anxiety-depression & psychosomatic disorder accompanied with anxiety-depression. Which one is the generic of Frenxit?

Q4. Rabeprazole is 12 times faster than conventional proton pump inhibitors. What is the brand name of Rabeprazole of Beximco Pharma?

Q5. Being a leader of statin therapy Beximco Pharma manufactures two generics. These are atorvastatin and rosuvastatin. What are the brand names of these preparations?

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